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2018 Shortlist

Community Benefits

This award recognises those suppliers who deliver sustainable community benefits through their contracts. Community benefits come in all shapes and sizes including charity fund raising, job opportunities for the long-term unemployed, and engagement with schools to inspire future generations. 

The Nominees

ACL Hire

ACL Hire, which supplies vehicle hire to councils through Scotland Excel’s framework, understands the impact local organisations can have on their community. They work with West Lothian Council to create employment opportunities for young people in the local community through the Steps into Work and Skills Training Programme.  Over 25% of their workforce are under the age of 25. 

Their sponsorship of Linlithgow Rose Junior Football Club promotes sport for all ages, and they provide vehicles to support fundraising initiatives for multiple charities including Macmillan Cancer Support, Children’s Hospice Association and Guide Dogs for the Blind.  


CRNS consortium members collect unwanted furniture, white goods and other household items free of charge to provide quality, reuse and affordable items to people most in need.  Consortium members are third sector and social enterprises that benefit local people through employment, training and volunteering opportunities

Through their participation in Scotland Excel’s domestic furniture and furnishings framework, CRNS members have created 9.5 new jobs for local people who are most excluded from the job market.  These staff have been trained in new skills such as the repair of white goods, both on and off site. 

The Furnishing Service

TFS aim to provide as many people as possible with access to employment, and the majority of their workforce come from vulnerable backgrounds.  They have delivered over 10,000 hours of work experience through their participation in Scotland Excel’s domestic furniture and furnishings framework.  Of 126 jobs created through the framework, 72 have been secured following a successful work experience trial.

TFS also work with local schools to provide bespoke work experience programmes for their pupils, including the development of a colour coded communication channel which allows young people with autism to express themselves effectively in the workplace.  


In 2016, Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer issued a challenge to local authorities to create a national obesity campaign aimed at secondary school pupils and their communities.  Müller, which provides milk through Scotland Excel’s framework, pledged their support for the ‘Inch by Inch for Scotland’ campaign aimed at teenagers and their families using online media and social media channels.   

The campaign features fun tasks to help people make positive lifestyle changes and aims to kick start community-based programmes across the country.  In just six weeks, it reached over 30,000 people on Facebook and featured in every national newspaper. 

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is the bedrock of most successful businesses. This award recognises those suppliers who have maintained a consistently high level of professionalism and customer service which has been of benefit to Scotland Excel members.

The Nominees

The Furnishing Service - Winner, SME

TFS work with local authorities through Scotland Excel’s domestic furniture and furnishings framework to help vulnerable people improve the quality of their living accommodation. They recently engaged with stakeholders to find the best way to deliver a local, responsive service across Scotland.

Upgrading their service management tool has improved planning and provides more accurate delivery information to customers. TFS understands importance of ‘jobs right first time’ and has increased their ratio from 90% to 99%. They also work to agreed targets such as a maximum time to answer calls and ensuring all jobs are completed within 48 hours.

MGB Plastics

MGB Plastics are the UK’s leading manufacturer of environmental containers. They were appointed by Aberdeen City Council through Scotland Excel’s recycle/refuse container framework to undertake a service change encompassing the production and delivery of new bins.

MGB held several ‘kick off’ meetings with the council to develop a bespoke solution and achieve a seamless transition between the old and new containers. MGB understand the value of frequent and honest communication: a single point of contact was established and all queries from the council were answered within 24 hours. Once completed, MGB offered aftersales care to the council.

Swiis Foster Care Scotland

As a provider on Scotland Excel’s fostering framework, Swiis Foster Care Scotland provide family based placements for children aged 0-18 years.  They aim to achieve the best possible outcomes by providing a range of opportunities to meet diverse and changing needs.

They actively engage with a wide range of stakeholders including staff, carers and young people to gather their views and ideas for further developing their service. As an accredited SQA centre, Swiis promotes learning and development for staff and carers as well as young people. 93% of their school leavers have achieved a SCQF level 5 qualification or above. 


Rhinowash provides commercial and industrial pressure washers to local authorities through Scotland Excel’s Grounds Maintenance framework. They understand that innovation is key to exceeding their customers’ expectations and have introduced new modular design products which can be repaired quickly.  Their service team offers a quick response time within 24 hours.  

The risk of breakdown is further minimised by a preventative maintenance programme through which engineers conduct courtesy calls every 12 weeks to service machines. They also provide customers with training sessions for their operators to help ensure that equipment is used correctly.

YPO - Winner, Large

YPO supply local authorities with a range of educational materials through Scotland Excel’s framework. They have implemented a new ‘Customer Connected’ strategy across the entire business to ensure they continue to provide excellence in customer service. In 2017, YPO’s overall customer satisfaction score reached 90.6%.

In line with the aims of ‘Customer Connected’, YPO have worked closely with local authorities to gain customer insight and achieve quality of service. In response to customer requests, they have successfully implemented bespoke catalogues, electronic ordering and e-invoicing facilities for Scottish local authorities. 

Local Excellence

Size and location needn’t be barriers to participating in national framework contracts. Smaller suppliers may sometimes have the local knowledge and agility to respond to the needs of customers in their area more quickly and effectively.  This award recognises the work undertaken by micro-businesses, small companies or third sector organisations to deliver benefits to their customers. 

The Nominees

Ailsa Response

Ailsa Response are a small, specialist recruitment agency supplying health and social care staff to local authorities through Scotland Excel’s agency workers framework.  Having identified that recruiting staff was problematic in certain geographic areas, they targeted their recruitment strategy to build a bank of readily available, experienced local staff.

This enables them to provide cost-effective staff placements at short notice and in crisis situations, ensuring essential care services can continue to be delivered. Customers now also approach the company for longer term assignments, and many temporary staff have been successful in securing permanent employment. 

Clyde Paper & Print

Clyde Paper & Print is a Glasgow-based SME supplying educational materials to local authorities through Scotland Excel’s framework.  They capitalise on their local status to provide an agile and responsive service which enables them to compete with much larger national suppliers.

Key to their success has been building an ongoing dialogue with customers through regular surveys and school visits, which has helped to streamline and develop services in line with customer needs.  Same day delivery can be requested by calling a friendly, local customer service team and goods are delivered by helpful drivers employed directly by the company.


Communicare247 provide integrated digital telecare and telehealth solutions to local authorities through Scotland Excel’s framework, which supports safe, independent living for citizens in their homes and communities.

Communicare247 is collaborating with Falkirk Council and partners in the co-design of a new integrated health and social care system. The project will address a national switchover from analogue to digital technology, provide better solutions and increase citizen choice. Haven Enterprises, a Scottish supported business, will provide quality control, asset management and recycling services as a partner to this project.

Environmental Practices

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Improving our natural and built environment for current and future generations will contribute to achieving a ‘Greener Scotland’. Tackling climate change, increasing the use of renewable energy and moving towards a zero-waste Scotland will help reduce our local and global environmental impact. This award recognises those suppliers who can demonstrate excellence in their environmental management.

The Nominees

CRNS - Winner, SME/ Third Sector

CRNS consortium members offer local authorities the option of purchasing reuse furniture and other household items through Scotland Excel’s domestic furniture and furnishing framework.  Providing high quality, reuse items can help to develop a more circular local economy. 

The consortium brought together 17 reuse organisations and recruited a dedicated co-ordinator to manage partnerships and engage with local authorities.  In a relatively short space of time, councils working with CRNS through the framework have been able to divert 100 tonnes of waste from landfill and save 265kg of CO2 emissions.

Econ Engineering

Econ Engineering is a commercial vehicle body builder supplying councils through Scotland Excel’s heavy vehicle framework.  Conscious of their energy usage, the company fitted 800 solar panels to their factory. This initiative is expected to lower electricity consumption by around 15 per cent per year, equating to an annual saving of 62.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Econ Engineering have also installed CNC laser cutting technology which uses Computer Aided Design to allow extremely accurate cutting of metal. This significantly reduces waste materials and has a positive impact on energy reduction though a quicker process time.

Rossie Young People’s Trust

Rossie Young People’s Trust provide specialist care services to vulnerable children and young people through Scotland Excel’s secure care framework.  They use their beautiful rural setting as a learning tool for young people to help them gain outdoor skills and understand how plants grow and forests survive.

A market garden reduces food miles, supports seasonal menus and encourages good environmental stewardship.  Over 1,000 trees have been planted in the grounds, and thinnings are re-used as materials for a social enterprise manufacturing ornaments and gifts.  A range of other initiatives have been implemented to significantly reduce waste and protect the environment. 

MGB Plastics

MGB Plastics supply waste and recycling containers to local authorities through Scotland Excel’s framework.  They worked closely with Aberdeen City Council to develop an environmentally friendly solution for the manufacture of 70,000 wheeled bins for a city-wide service change.

The containers manufactured by MGB for the council have a carbon footprint of 3kg compared with an industry average of 20kg.  They were manufactured using recycle material within the UK to minimise carbon emissions, and with new equipment which reduces energy consumption and waste.  The council’s old bins are being reused for a new mixed recycling collection.

Healthcare Environmental

Healthcare Environmental provide washroom facilities services through Scotland Excel’s framework.  They use innovative, environmentally friendly products such as air fresheners which work without batteries and are free of any solvents or harmful substances. Refills are 100% organic and dispensers are 100% recyclable, and almost all packaging is made from recyclable materials.

The company runs a fleet of clean technology Euro 6 vehicles and plans its transportation logistics to minimise carbon emissions. Washroom waste which cannot be recycled is disposed of through working with landfill sites which capture methane and generate electricity. 

Brakes - Winner, Large

Brakes, which supplies food and drink to local authorities through Scotland Excel frameworks, are committed to minimising the environmental impact of their business.  They use recycled and recyclable packaging, and last year re-engineered their own brand packaging to eliminate c. 118 tonnes of materials, equating to a CO2 saving of 291 tonnes.

By consolidating routes and optimising logistics for their multi temperature vehicles, Brakes have reduced food miles by over 312,000 kilometres and CO2 emissions by 217 tonnes.  The company has reduced water consumption at their depots by 17.5 % since 2010, saving 51 million litres of water.

MGM Timber

MGM Timber supply a range of products through Scotland Excel’s building and timber framework.  Delivering a sustainable financial and environmental performance is one of their five core values. They understand that customers want to improve their own sustainability through their supply chain choices.

The company is installing a computer system to create a paper free ordering and invoicing system.  Customers will be able to view accounts in real time and there will no longer be a need to print invoices, delivery notes, statements, etc.  They have also set targets to reduce landfill through improved re-cycling in every branch.


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Innovation is critical to business growth. It is key to improving Scotland’s economic performance and quality of life. Successful businesses are always innovating and this award will recognise those suppliers whose innovation has been of real benefit to their customers.

The Nominees


Apetito supply meals to the local authorities through Scotland Excel’s community meals framework. In 2010, they launched Purée Classic, a product range aimed at people with a condition called Dysphagia which affects a person’s ability to swallow safely. The success of this range encouraged Apetito to develop further meal options for Dysphagia sufferers.

Purée Petite is a range of smaller dishes for Dysphagia sufferers who cannot consume an entire Classic portion. The Petite range offers the same high nutritional content as the Purée Classic dishes, ensuring that people with suppressed appetites still receive the required nutritional intake.

Care Visions - Winner, Large

Care Visions provide children’s residential care services through Scotland Excel’s framework. Their innovative Why Not? initiative changes the way young people are supported when moving on from care, by safely enabling long term relationships between young people and adults who have looked after them.

Why Not? challenges previously held views that professional carers should cease contact when young people move to independent living. The initiative allows a young person to visually map out their future as they see it, identifying the adults in their lives they would like to stay connected to.

Just Checking

Just Checking supply telecare and telehealth technologies to Scottish local authorities through Scotland Excel’s framework. Their web-based assessment tool, also called Just Checking, helps get the right support to the right people at the right time.

Just Checking works in partnership with local authorities, providing technology to enable 24/7 monitoring of people’s wellbeing to determine the level of support required.  This offers positive outcomes for people who can live more independent, fulfilling lives as well as identifying situations where additional support is required.

The service can provide near real-time alerts to carers where an unusual occurrence or trend is established.

Kibble Education and Care Centre

Kibble Education and Care Centre is a leading provider of child and youth care services in Scotland, working with local authorities through Scotland Excel frameworks. They provide an early intervention residential care and support service for children and young people who present challenging behaviour and have been affected by adversity or trauma.

This innovative pre-fostering service aims to ease the transition from residential care to foster care, and supports children and young people in their foster placements or other settings. It is a fully integrated service that provides education, psychological support, befriending and family-based respite care.

MGB Plastics

MGB Plastics were appointed by West Lothian Council through Scotland Excel’s framework to undertake an area wide service change, which encompassed the supply and delivery of 80,000 x 140L wheeled bins. Their innovative and forward-thinking approach realised significant environmental benefits and cost savings for the council.

Previously waste containers were produced using virgin HDPE plastics.  MGB, working alongside its technology polymer partner, developed a brand-new material formulation which allowed them to maximise the amount of recycled polymer within the containers while still meeting the highest European quality standards. 


Rhinowash, a supplier on Scotland Excel’s grounds maintenance framework, developed its RX series to address the issue of power wash systems becoming inoperable in freezing conditions.  This has resulted in a range of Thermal Protection systems which are unique to the RX series and ensure that the equipment remains operational in the severest of winters.

The range’s ‘Quick Swap Modular’ design ensures a first time fix either on the same day or the following morning in the unlikely event that a mechanical failure occurs, helping to keep system downtime to a minimum. 

Rossie Young People’s Trust - Winner, SME/ Third Sector

Rossie Young People’s Trust provide specialist care services to vulnerable children and young people through Scotland Excel’s secure care framework.  Their Teaching Recovery Techniques (TRT) initiative is a collaborative project between Rossie and the University of Dundee which aims to bring a trauma-informed lens to assess the nature and extent of young people’s traumatisation and introduce a trauma specific intervention.

The joint approach with the University of Dundee has established a process whereby on-going research, development and evaluation enables interventions to be offered which have the best fit for young people.

Turner & Townsend

Turner & Townsend is retrofitting energy conservation measures to nine buildings within City of Edinburgh Council through Scotland Excel’s buildings related engineering consultancy framework. This project will deliver energy efficiency improvements and guaranteed cost savings using upgrades to building fabric, building plant and controls, and the installation of other measures.

The retrofitting has forecast targets for cash, energy and CO2 savings with the initial investment returned via cash savings over a seven-year period. Although not yet complete, there are already indications that the works will realise positive outcomes.

Partnership Working

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Partnership working is about developing mutually beneficial relationships that deliver improvements. Effective partnerships can add a dynamic dimension to initiatives and increase their capacity. This joint award recognises suppliers who have demonstrated a creative approach in conjunction with a member of Scotland Excel.

The Nominees

The Furnishing Service (TFS)

As a supplier on Scotland Excel’s domestic furniture and furnishings framework, TFS work with local authorities to support vulnerable people by improving their living accommodation and life chances.

TFS met with the procurement team at Aberdeen City Council to identify strategic partners including the council’s Education Services, Jobcentre Plus and Aberdeen Foyer. They worked with these partners on the development of an employment strategy to create local jobs and deliver training. Following a recruitment event at Jobcentre Plus, 90% of jobs went to people who were long term unemployed. 

ASA Recruitment

ASA Recruitment supplies staff to local authorities through Scotland Excel’s agency workers framework. ASA has developed and implemented a system to share knowledge and information with public bodies. They worked in partnership with clients including Edinburgh City Council to discuss requirements and trial the system.

ASA’s online portal helps clients to identify trends in usage and cost of service against budget. This allows councils to identify key areas where cost savings can be made and have more control over their spend with the agency. 

MGB Plastics

MGB were appointed by Glasgow City Council through Scotland Excel’s recycle/refuse container framework to undertake a service change encompassing the manufacture and distribution of new food waste containers.

By working in close partnership with the council, MGB were able to successfully roll out the new food waste system within the timeframe set.  They established an open book culture including initial set up meetings, regular progress reviews and knowledge sharing forums.  Delivery crews were monitored on a daily basis, ensuring all properties across Glasgow received the correct containers. 

Rossie Young People’s Trust

Rossie Young People’s Trust provide specialist care services to vulnerable children and young people through Scotland Excel’s secure care framework. They deploy a multi-disciplinary approach in partnership with professionals from a range of organisations to identify and meet the throughcare and aftercare needs of young people in their care.

Rossie collaborates with local authorities to support young people’s transition into communities which are outside of their local area. These young people are actively involved and contribute to all aspects of their care plan.  


Brakes provide food and drink to local authorities through Scotland Excel frameworks. They work in partnership with South Lanarkshire Council to deliver a bespoke training programme aimed at providing valuable life skills to school leavers.

The ‘Catering Employability Programme’ is a 16-week programme which offers pupils the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of stores, warehousing and cooking skills.  Pupils undertake work placements within a school kitchen, Brakes development kitchen and warehouse, attend training courses, and can achieve a SVQ Level 1 qualification in Catering. 

Sweco - Winner, Large

Sweco, an engineering consultancy company on Scotland Excel’s framework, have delivered a workplace travel planning programme to targeted organisations in partnership with City of Edinburgh Council.  The programme has worked with 35 organisations at over 60 locations in and around Edinburgh where there is an improved walking and cycling infrastructure. 

Sweco have actively engaged with over 10,000 employees to promote environmentally friendly alternatives to private car travel such as cycling or public transport. 70% of the organisation which completed the feedback form stated that the programme had inspired them to review their travel planning activity.  


In 2016, Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer issued a challenge to local authorities to create a national obesity campaign aimed at secondary school pupils and their communities.  Müller, which provides milk through Scotland Excel’s framework, pledged their support for the resulting ‘Inch by Inch for Scotland’ campaign.

Muller worked with ASSIST FM, the association for school caterers at Scotland’s 32 councils, to develop ideas for the campaign using online and social media channels to promote healthier lifestyles to teenagers and their families. Organisations including Scottish Sports Futures and Action for Children Scotland have also actively engaged with the campaign. 

Turner & Townsend

Turner & Townsend provide independent professional services in the property, infrastructure and natural resources sectors. They have worked in partnership with Scottish Borders Council for several years through Scotland Excel engineering frameworks.

In 2016, the council reviewed their entire school estate to increase educational opportunities and improve outcomes for children and young people.  Following consultation with stakeholders, they have been working with a Turner & Townsend team based within the council offices to deliver affordable and sustainable improvements to their education and early years estate, including a new intergenerational education campus in Jedburgh which has received Scottish Government funding. 

Value for Money

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Efficiencies and value for money are attractive benefits when they don’t impact quality, and are essential to healthy competition. This award will recognise those suppliers who can demonstrate effective value for money and efficiencies.

The Nominees

Findel Education - Winner, Large

Findel Education developed its cost saving initiatives while tendering for Scotland Excel’s educational materials framework. Their objective was to provide a simple but dynamic proposition delivering best value and cost savings to all 32 Scottish local authorities.

Having engaged with councils, Findel understood that they had varying needs in terms of rebates. To address this, local authorities were offered a matrix of cost saving components from which they could select those that would work best for them.

Nu Style Products

Nu Style Products manufacture a shower panel product which can be purchased through Scotland Excel’s building and timber materials framework. They have invested in their manufacturing process and reviewed their work practices to ensure their product is competitively priced without compromising quality.

The company has monitored growth and made forecasts of expected sales to allow them to commit to bulk ordering of raw materials up to a year in advance. Ordering in greater volumes has strengthened relationships with its suppliers, and means they can provide longer term price stability to customers.

Swiis Foster Care Scotland - Winner, SME

As a provider on Scotland Excel’s fostering framework, Swiis Foster Care Scotland aim to achieve the best possible outcomes for children while providing value for money and innovative solutions. They listen to young people and actively seek feedback from other key stakeholders which they use to develop and improve their placement options.

Swiis are committed to staff and carer development, and their innovative and efficient approach benefits the young people in their care. Their success is demonstrated with 93% of their 2017 school leavers achieving SCQF Level 5 or above, with all going on to a positive post-school destination.


YPO supply a range of education and office furniture through Scotland Excel’s framework. In 2017, they decided to review their loyalty rebate scheme which offered vouchers to schools which they could spend with YPO to buy products, furniture and equipment for their classrooms. However, in 2016 only 47% of these vouchers were redeemed.

YPO consulted with Scotland Excel and local authorities with the aim of ensuring that the full loyalty rebate was delivered. Loyalty vouchers to individual school were replaced with a cash rebate paid directly to the local authority.  

Workforce Development

An organisation’s success depends on its employees. Good workforce practices can help drive continuous improvements in performance. This award recognises suppliers who have implemented initiatives to enhance their own workforce and extend good practice across their supply chain.

The Nominees

Bunzl Greenham

As a supplier to Scotland Excel’s Personal Protective Equipment framework, the wellbeing of their workers is a priority for Bunzl Greenham. The company issues regular employee engagement surveys and the results help identify opportunities for improvement.  Staff are given time away from their role to complete their survey during the working day.

Their most recent employee Engagement Survey in September 2016 achieved a 93% participation rate and has resulted in the introduction new programmes for training, health and wellbeing and employee recognition, as well as the implementation of an enhanced benefits programme.

Dingbro - Winner, Large

Dingbro supplies local authorities through Scotland Excel’s vehicle parts framework.  Following a review by an industry expert into staff training needs, they committed to delivering a new training programme which invests in the development of all their staff.

With the support of Skills Development Scotland, Dingbro have become a National Training Provider for apprentices, and have a retention rate of 85%.  They have also implemented driver, warehouse, manager and business administration training, and are about to start an ambitious sales training programme.  Hundreds of staff have now achieved qualifications through the programme.

Foster Care Connect

Foster Care Connect is an independent fostering agency providing services for children and young people through Scotland Excel’s framework. Their commitment to learning and development extends beyond their own staff to working with fostering families and partners.

Foster carers focus their learning around a Personal Development Plan which is reviewed throughout the year.  Learning opportunities include specialist tutorials, masterclasses, wellbeing meetings and conferences.  Foster Care Connect also works with the educational establishments attended by young people to deliver sessions which promote continuity between the home and the learning environment.  

Gowrie Contracts

Gowrie Contracts provides asbestos services to local authorities through Scotland Excel’s framework.  Their operatives, of which over 70% were previously long term unemployed or designated as Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET), work towards an NVQ Level 2 qualification.  This approach offers people with no previous industry experience the opportunity to develop a career in construction industry.

Staff from across the organisation including supervisors, contract managers and office staff also have the opportunity to study for qualifications.  The company are particularly proud of their apprenticeship programme and have won an Apprentice of the Year award within their industry.

Rossie Young People's Trust - Winner, SME/ Third Sector

Rossie Young People’s Trust provides specialist care services to vulnerable children and young people through Scotland Excel’s secure care framework.  They believe investing in staff leads to improved performance, recruitment, engagement and retention. They are an accredited Living Wage employer and have achieved Silver Status in Investors in People (IiP).

The organisation consults with staff on the training calendar to focus on areas which supports staff engagement and inclusion.  Their dedicated training centre has exceeded expectations and, in the last 6 months, 293 staff have benefited from investment in internal training opportunities.